Tuesday, December 30, 2014



CHRIST, the head of our church, the center of our religion, and the reason for the season
Mas, meaning "more" in Spanish

Christmas: more Christ

Merry Christmas, everyone. And what a merry Christmas it was. I had the privilege to spend my day centered on Christ and family. Two of the greatest gifts in my life. I couldn't have been merrier.

Christmas started out like any other day, except with a little less motivation to exercise because our gifts from our parents were waiting for us in our living room. We thought we could get away with bench pressing our gifts as exercise, but decided that would be too much temptation.

After waiting, the gift unwrapping began. Wrapping paper was flying. We were pretty much buried in it. -You can imagine with 4 sisters' gifts in a small apartment-. Just like Christmas at home, we tried to take turns opening gifts, but that idea quickly dissolved into a gift opening hay-day. It was hilariously wonderful.

Showers were quick.

By 8am we were out the door, back in our PJ's, to celebrate Christmas with the zone.
Our zone leaders had planned a Christmas breakfast cooked by the senior missionaries. It was so awesome. They even remembered that I was gluten free and made gluten free crepes. We stuffed ourselves silly with bacon, crepes, eggnog, and sausage before revealing our "secret santa" gifts.

My secret santa played on my nickname from the ward and got me a Barbie doll.

Afterwards, things got competitive with a gingerbread house making contest. Naturally, being missionaries, things took a spiritual twist. We cut out pictures of the Apostles and put them in our windows and decorated the house as the temple. haha.

The morning activity came to a close and we got back to work. Our day was filled. Our first, second, third and fourth appointments were filled with food. More food than Thanksgiving. Even my stretchy skirts got tight ;) haha But amidst it all, the spirit was felt, laughs were shared, and memories we made.

Christmas on the mission is the best. I've never felt the spirit stronger or had Christ so centered in my life. It's the best way to start a new year. Thanksgiving makes us grateful. It prepares us to be grateful for the most important gift that has been given to us. It softens our hearts so that we can receive Him. Then, during Christmas, we can enjoy of the gift of the Savior, feel the Spirit, and prepare ourselves to make him part of our new year.

What a privilege it is to be His representative. To have him written on my heart and my chest, and to know that I am written on the palms of His hands.

I love my Savior and I love being His missionary.

Hermana Childs 

Tis the Season

Tis the Season”

-For the Flu
-Kids in Bed
-Shoveling Snow
-Hot Chocolate
-Building Snowmen
-Christmas Lights
-Reenacting the Nativity
-Spreading the GOSPEL!

And just like the flu, the gospel here in New Jersey is being spread like a wild fire.
As the missionaries of the New Jersey Morristown Mission have felt the redeeming love of our Savior Jesus Christ through the remembrance of His birth, we have proclaimed his birth and life to all that we can find.

The heart of Elizabeth, New Jersey has grown twice in size through our hours of caroling and teaching lessons with the members in our ward. Elizabeth has a "baptize me!" feel to it and almost all of our investigators right now have a baptismal date.

Miguel: A young Mexican father of 7, was found as his daughters were being taught. His recently married wife was a less active and was referred to the missionaries by their member friends. Miguel, listening to the lessons that the missionaries were teaching his daughters developed the desire in himself to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. He wanted to marry his girlfriend, but wanted her to have a husband that was a member of the church, so he asked the bishop how. The bishop sincerely told him that he would need to talk to the missionaries. As of Friday, Miguel was married to his wife, Bernadina  by our bishop, Bishop Guzman. And as of yesterday, became a part of our Heavenly Father's kingdom.

The party on Friday was incredibly fun. We definitely partied the best way possible, Mexican style. So much incredible food, music, dancing, and joy. This was the first step to the next first step, baptism.

Carlos: another investigator of ours, is incredible. He is from Peru, has lost his whole family, lives by himself, and loves, I mean LOVES to learn about the gospel. He is always so excited to see us when we see him and is willing to do anything for the church. He is about 45-50 years old, works at an airport and is one of the most humble and happy men that I have ever met. He has a baptismal date for January 25.

Danny: An author and a dad of 2 is incredibly smart and sometimes likes to use fancy Spanish that the missionaries don't know is an avid learner. Before being taught the Word of Wisdom, he googled it himself and pretty much taught us the Word of Wisdom. He has already read the whole Book of Mormon and is now researching all of the General Conference talks.

Ricardo: A recovering alcoholic. So sincere. So humble. Came up to the missionaries asking for help because he knows of our church and beliefs. Father was LDS. I don't know much about him because I've only met him once since being here, but he is incredible and I love him already.

There are many more but I'll save them for Skype ;)

We also had all mission conference this week. The whole mission got together for a spiritual time to celebrate the birth of Christ, but also to do what we missionaries do best when we aren't working hard....party :)

I love you all so much!
Merry Christmas!

Talk to you soon!

Hermana Childs

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sister Training Leader- "Hermana Barbie"

Sister Training Leader- “Hermana Barbie”

Just like the seasons, transfers come and go.

This last transfer conference was incredible. First, it was a miracle that we got all of my stuff packed into the elder's car. (I might have to start sending some things home) ;) Then, when I finally found out who my new companion was and which area I was going to I felt so blessed. I have been called to serve in Elizabeth, NJ. This is an area that I have wanted to serve in my whole mission. I have heard nothing but good things about this area...and besides that, there's a lot of Dominicans and Mexicans. I'm in heaven!

I don't have very much time again, the computers here are pretty slow (I hope the flood of pictures makes up for it), but here are a few updates:

1. My new companion's name is Hermana Stevens. She is originally from Oregon. She's 22 years old, loves to do crafts, and has the cutest sense of fashion. We love to laugh together and sometimes pillow talk later than we should.
Hermana Stevens, my new companion from Oregon

2. I am serving in Elizabeth, New Jersey. My current address is:
    167 Elm Street #2
    Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208
I'm convinced that I have served in all of the best areas in the mission.
Yes, I miss my last area and all of the members and investigators that I love, but I know this is where God needs me to be; to use my talents and strengths to help build His kingdom.  

3. We will be having one of our investigators, Miguel, get married on the 19th of December and then baptized on the 21st.

4. I love my calling as a Sister Training Leader. I now have an opportunity to serve more people. As a Sister Training Leader, we go on exchanges twice a week during the transfer with each companionship of sister missionaries that are in our designated area. During these exchanges, we will swap companions for 24 hours and watch and learn how each sister teaches, help them improve their skills, listen to and resolve other issues, help them enjoy the work, and be a source of encouragement and love for them. I love the sisters that I am over right now. This calling will be super easy ;) haha

5. The apartment I live in right now houses 4 sister missionaries. It is the only 4-man apartment for sisters left in the mission. It makes things very exciting ;)

6. Hermana Jordan, my first trainer, went home this last week.

7. My new ward has given me a new nickname. I am affectionately known as "Hermana Barbie".

8. As I have studied the life of Christ this past week, I have felt spiritually filled...to a level I have never felt before. I have loved FEASTING on the words of Christ. I literally can't get enough of them. They're as addicting as Roxberry ;) I love my Savior. That is something I cherish, my relationship that I have developed with him. It is something personal, something wonderful, and I can physically feel him with me every day. As I have studied him I have felt something different....I can't really describe it. It's as if angels are walking with us to every appointment and every word I say is guided by Heavenly Father. My ability to love has increased 10 fold.

9. I love being a missionary. More than I love running or anything else.

I love you all.

Hermana Childs 

AF 10th Ward Primary Package I received for CHRISTmas!

Veronica & Paco Mendoza

Hermana Acevedo, I love her

Hermana Jordan & Cesar Solares

Sister Bascom

Hermono y Hermana Maquilon

Janny Javier y Hermana Adelida Padula
Hermana Juarez, (RS Pres), we worked closely with her, cooks the best food
Morisonado, Dominican drink that I love!

Luis Espinosa

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sister Training Leader

Well....I got "the other call" from President this week. The Lord has asked me to be a Sister Training Leader for the sister missionaries here in Jersey. I will be leaving my beloved Jersey City. I'm really sad about that. I have grown to love this area so much. 

When I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting, I told the congregation that it would be my last Sunday with them. I wasn't expecting any reaction, but a few of them sighed in disappointment, a few others gasped in surprise, and a few even quietly said, "noo!". All of which made me feel sad, but at the same time helped me to realize how many people I have been able to help and touch while being here. A few days before that, I had been feeling that all of the work I had put into this area had been wasted, but through small and simple ways yesterday Heavenly Father has shown me that I did well. 

I feel good about it. 

This week has been Go, Go, Go. First, I was called to be a Sister Training Leader which meant that I needed to go to the Mission Leader Council the following day. I didn't think it was possible to be more busy than I already was, but I was wrong. haha.  That day was crazy, but SO fun. We had Elder Ketcher from the 70 come talk to us about helping our mission; how we as leaders can improve the mentality of the mission. I really enjoyed it. 

That same day, Sister Carter recieved a call from President asking her to follow up train Hermana Vernon. Wow. You can only imagine the excitement in our little home that day. haha. It was the best :) 

I don't have very much time, I promise I'll write a better letter next week. I'm trying to do some preparation for my new area right now and don't have much time left, but I love you all! 

Sending my love, 

Hermana Childs

Traditions with the Taggarts at the Mission Home

We had a party at Pres. Taggarts home this week to celebrate Christmas

My darling "hijas." I love them so much!