Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Glorious Week!

There is so much to say. So much happened this week.

Monday, I cut Sister Steven's hair. It looks great. Sorry, I didn't get a picture, but you'll just have to take my word for it ;) haha It really does look good though. We tried to do an A-line hair cut, and I'd say it was pretty successful.

Tuesday, we had interviews with the President. I was really excited to have my interview with President Taggart. I didn't have any particular reason, but all day I was feeling really excited. When I got into the interview, I felt so much love from him. I'm really grateful to have President Taggart leading the mission. It took me a little while to love President Taggart as much as I loved President Jeppson, but I can clearly see why President Taggart is here. He is a God serving man. It was just special to talk to him. It was the closest thing I had to talking to an earthly dad, and it felt great :)

Wednesday, I was on an exchange for the majority of the day, but when I returned to my area we went to go teach Miguel. We taught him about The Plan of Salvation, but this time it had a different twist on it. Miguel has been preparing to go to the temple since he got baptized 6 weeks ago. He had prepared his own names to take to the temple. This time when we taught The Plan of Salvation, it seemed like all of the pieces started to click-eternal families, baptisms for the dead, the restored gospel, priesthood authority, temples, and watching him make that connection was inspiring. By the end of the lesson, when we reminded him of the temple date on Saturday, you could tell he could have jumped out of his seat because of how excited he was. Now, Miguel is a very shy, 32 year old father of 6, and isn't the type to just jump out of his seat and shout for joy, but I think if no one was around, that day he just might have. ;)

After Miguel's lesson we wanted to do something really special for our other recent converts, Danny and Isaac, and their mom, Jenny. Valentines day was coming up, and mom had sent me a package with some paper hearts from Hobby Lobby. Sister Steven's and I had already prepared the hearts with little messages earlier that day, so that we could tape them on their door. Well, we had a blast doing it!
Heart Attacking our recent converts

 We thought it was something really simple until we got a text from him later that day when he had gotten home from work.

Danny came home exhausted from work, and to his surprise saw his door decorated in hearts. He walked in and called his wife to come see. She had been inside all day and the decorations came to a surprise to her as well. She was so surprised and happy that she cried. Anthony and Isaac shouted because of how happy they were. Danny's text deeply thanked us for the act of love, as if it were something extravagant. I sure love their family. They come from such humble backgrounds and my heart just leaks with love for them. They are wonderful. It was much more of a treat for us to show our love for them, than it was for them to receive a few paper hearts.

Thursday, we had a really special lesson with a new investigator named Leonardo. He struggles with drug addictions and seems to be very depressed. When we came over, however, he seemed to perk up after a while. We told him that the gospel repairs lives. He looked at me and said, "Is that why you are so happy?" I smiled and simply said, "yes". We have a lesson with him later today. I'm very excited to see the Atonement work in his life. I already love him a lot.

Friday, wow. Friday was something incredible. Earlier in the week we had set a lesson with one of our members, Hermana Realpe. The night before, we had planned to teach her about the Atonement. I testify that nightly planning is inspired when you make it so because that is exactly what she needed. She doesn't have a very good relationship with her husband. She doesn't have very many good things to say about him. It breaks my heart to hear and see something like that, but as we started to talk about the Atonement the spirit flooded their home. During the lesson I was reminded of something that Sister Stevens had learned in her personal study that she shared with me during comp study. I asked her to share it in the lesson. It was exactly what Hermana Realpe needed to hear. Tears rolled down Hermana Realpe's cheeks as Sister Stevens told her story about her less active dad. I testified to Sister Realpe of the truths that my companion had spoke and then told her that the commitment we were going to leave with her, was to better her relationship with her husband. I told her that we didn't know what the best way to do that was, but she did. She turned to me and said, "you were supposed to tell me that. I know that's what the spirit needed me to hear". Everything I said in those moments came straight from the spirit. It was amazing. We all left the lesson feeling much better. And best of all, as we were leaving her husband walked up to the door with a bouquet of flowers. Her response was telling him how much she loved him. I know that the gospel repairs relationships. It's the most powerful antidote there is.

Saturday, we had the MOST INCREDIBLE LESSON DAY.  We took our recent convert, Miguel to the Manhattan temple! It was the most incredible day. Miguel came prepared with his family names, his suit (that he wore to his wedding....SO CUTE!) and the BIGGEST smile on his face. He was ready. He was ready for this day, long before I met him. The trip to the temple was great. We had a couple members drive us, and then once inside, everything was perfect. You can only imagine how much happiness was in my heart.

Manhattan Temple, Beautiful isn't it. A Sanctuary in a world of chaos.
Miguel's Temple Day

Then, Heavenly Father blessed me with another miracle. Members from my Jersey City ward were all visiting the temple that day! Now take that happiness that you imagined before and times it by 5. It was glorious.

The glorious beginning to a day had a glorious ending with the Sanchez family. We taught them the Restoration. The spirit was so strong and our comp unity was impeccable. MY heart was touched because of how strong the spirit was. We invited them to be baptized. They were a little hesitant. They wanted to see how it was first. We committed them to come to the baptism next week to see how it is. They agreed.
I already know they are going to say yes :)

Sunday morning, it was crazy. Satan knew we were up and moving and so he was too. The Sanchez called to tell us that they weren't' going to come to church. They had to do their shopping and things that they couldn't get done during the week. We made a few calls, found them a ride to church, and saw them right on time. :)

Ah! I love this gospel. I love being on the Lord's side :)

Being a missionary is the greatest :)

Hermana Childs
So cold it hurts to smile. Hungry for gyro food truck.
Tanner Snow's Sister serving Ny, Ny South mission
Eromar and Catalina treating us to Applebees
V-Day package from Annette

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