Monday, March 2, 2015

A Move for the Better

This week was extremely hard. Extremely. In every way possible. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

This week we had to move our apartment. It was some of the craziest few days of my mission. We got the call that we needed to move out of our apartment on Thursday. This was also weekly planning and transfer planning day for us. We decided to do the packing first because we had limited time to do it and the other sisters that we lived with were doubling themselves out. We packed up everything into 2 cars, and after a couple of trips we had everything moved into our "new" apartment, aka the elders' old apartment. It's a shack. hahah but I love it. It's really tiny, probably one of the smallest apartments in the mission, and the elders got moved to a hotel style apartment. Why? I'm not sure, pero esta bien. Asi es la vida.

I'm grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a creative mind, because over the past couple days during meal times and before bed, we've had a couple of extra minutes, and I've been using them to rearrange the furniture and put things up on the walls so that it feels more like a home. I think we've done a pretty good job! I'll send pictures next week.

The move was exhausting. The elders were busy and weren't able to help us with the move, so we had to do it all by ourselves. By the end of Thursday night we were exhausted and pretty much fell asleep on the boxes that we had pulled in because we were too tired to make our beds. Friday morning when we woke up with sore throats we found out that the apartment doesn't have a heating system either. haha

Friday was another crazy day because Sister Stevens got called to follow up train, so she had to be at the trainers meeting while I was on an exchange with a sister in Secaucus (right next to Jersey City). It was another hard day physically. I was in the car for almost 7 hours straight, but it was a huge joy to drive through Jersey City and remember the wonderful memories that I had there.

So there's the physically hard part of the week.

The rest was hard emotionally. Tuesday and Wednesday I was really sad. I had just finished a really trying experience, but the feelings still lingered. I asked my companion for help. I told her how I was feeling. Her actions more than her words blessed me. I'm sure the opportunity to serve blessed her as well. I asked the elders for a blessing and felt my Heavenly Father's love again. After that, everything seemed to be fine. It was incredible. What a huge blessing blessings are! ;)

I think that's why the challenges for the rest of the week seemed to be more bearable. The move was a move for the better, the blessing moved me towards something better, these experiences have moved me.

Isn't it awesome how Heavenly Father touches your life with blessings and trials that are specific to you? What a glorious recognition! :)

Hermana Childs

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