Monday, April 13, 2015

God's Power

I want to tell you about a miracle we had this week:
My message today isn't long and the miracle might not seem very big to anyone else, but Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed.

Hermana Palmer and I have been striving to become the best examples that we can be. The best examples of Jesus Christ and the best examples as leaders for the sisters, but our area began to struggle a bit.

During weekly planning the week before we were thinking about how we could expand our area. We felt impressed to set 2-3 hours of planned time every day, where we would go to a different part of our area just to contact. We carefully selected certain areas where it seemed like the previous missionaries hadn't been working before. We put a lot of faith in the Lord as we set this goal.

Well, from Monday to Friday we had only taught 6 lessons. It was pretty tough to see that because as leaders, our area needs to be the 'example area'. Well, Saturday looked a little more promising, we had 3 appointments set. By the time we had finished our studies on Saturday Morning all of our appointments for the day had called or texted to cancel. We still kept our faith though. We had been praying extremely hard during the week, and had even included fasting in part of our plea for help, but we needed some miracles that day. It was in that moment, that we had the idea to enlist the whole ward in helping us. We texted all of the less active members, active members, and even our investigators to pray for us as soon as they got the text. We told them our situation, we told them that we were going to give it our all today, but that we needed their help. Within minutes our phone was swarmed with texts telling us that they had "already said their prayer for us" and how they were sending us "their faith and love". It was great to feel such support coming from the ward. So, with renewed faith and energy for the day, we went out. And followed our plans to the tee. We went to every back up plan (and every box in our planner had a name it it), and we to every single one of them. We found some incredible people that day, but still no new investigators. We weren't even able to teach a lesson. BUT we had set some appointments for Sunday. We used the "NJ Approach", our President nick-named a certain way to approach people, to help us set appointments. It worked!

Sunday afternoon, after our baptism, we ran off to each of these appointments. We executed those perfectly as well and got 6 new investigators in 1 day. It was a tender mercy from the Lord. We needed it. That goes to show you what faith, hard work, and the help of the Lord can do.

Wow. I love my Heavenly Father.

We have transfers tomorrow, but it looks like I'm staying in Elizabeth as a Sister Training Leader for 4 transfers! I'm super excited! :)

Keep praying for the Elizabeth South Spanish Sister Missionaries! We need it. I would love to get not only our ward praying for us, but all of Utah, Texas, Colorado, and New Jersey praying for us too.

Sending my love,

Hermana Childs

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