Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Train

We are a train. With a new start last week we started off chugging, but we are rolling at full speed now!

On Tuesday, I was asked to give a training in district meeting on 'revelation'. Before the training I wasn't feeling too inspired. I studied my best, prayed hard, and came as prepared as I could to the training to teach with the spirit. It wasn't until the training actually started when I finally started to receive a lot of revelation. It was astounding. And revelation has been coming since then. Those flood gates mentioned last week sure have been opened to the revelation channel ;)

I don't have much time this week, but I just want to give a brief over view.

Juan Castillo is set for baptism this Sunday; Carlos Pena, a new investigator of ours, is taking things more seriously and really respects us; Carlos Castillo, accepted a baptismal date; Henry's faith is increasing more and more every day; we taught double the lessons we did last week; we have had members at every single lesson we've taught; we are working in perfect harmony as a companionship, and it goes on. Wow. Can you see the work of the Lord moving forth? Look at that train!

On Tuesday we taught Juan Castillo about the Plan of Salvation and included temple work in the lesson. The spirit was so strong. While talking about temples, we put him on a temple date for June 12th. This family alone is its own train moving forward.

Henry, the young man who called us a few weeks ago saying that he wanted to change his life, is really struggling with his addiction to drink alcohol. He has so much desire and faith to change, but he often surrounds himself with the wrong influences that lead him back to his addiction. We are fighting like lions to keep him away from that type of environment.

Marisol, Jerry, and Emilia, an older family that we found, are progressing much quicker than we expected. For the first time ever, Marisol almost prayed. hahah almost. Next time we'll get her.

I'll send pictures of all of them soon.

I love being a missionary!

Hermana Childs
"Get that corn out of my face!" I'm with Loren.  This is called Elote.
So Good. It is Corn on a stick with mayo and mexican queso and usually spices.
Helado con Los Carillos. Hermana Carillos has been teaming
up with us and working super hard.

La Familia Castillo. Baptism set for Mother's Day!

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