Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Consecrate: "To dedicate, to make holy, or to become righteous"

The month of consecration goes on, and I can feel myself growing closer to my Savior. It's amazing. I have given every ounce of myself to this work, and I have gotten lost. Lost in this work. Lost in thinking about others. Lost in the joy of finding the prepared and then preparing the prepared for baptism. And as I have lost myself, I have found greater joy than I have ever experienced in my life. 
Hermana Weinstock and I set a goal to contact 70 people this week. This goal has been really hard in this area because we drive a lot, but this week......WE CONTACTED 75 PEOPLE! We contacted 25 of those in one day and because we achieved this goal, we have 12 new investigators and 7 potentials. The miracles don't stop there! Every single one of those 12 new investigators and 7 potential investigators have been prepared. They are all SO excited to hear the message of the gospel. 

I know that these blessings have come from obedience and consecrating myself to the Lord. Only when we are obedient can the Lord bless us, but when we consecrate ourselves to Him, He will work miracles in our lives. 

In September 2005, Elder Stephen B. Ovenson said, "In the long run, offering ourselves for sacred uses might simply mean maintaining a consistent attitude of meek willingness to offer all we are capable of giving at any given time while we help those about us do the same. Consecration seems to be a day-to-day process of dedication, humility, refinement, and purification as we follow the example of the most consecrated person of all time". 

By consecrating myself to this work, I have become a missionary. A true missionary. I am not just someone doing missionary things, but I am a disciple of my Savior. 

I would encourage you all to put the Lord first, all the time. Consecrate yourself to the Lord. Just try it. He will not let you down.

Hermana Childs  

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