Monday, May 5, 2014

Full-Time Members

"The Field is White"

Turn your hands over and look at your palms. You have two M's. They stand for member and missionary and you need both to get work done.

In fact, the missionary efforts would be nothing without the members. I know this from personal experience. Last week, we really struggled having members present in our lessons, and we saw a difference in the way that our lessons turned out. Having a member present is essential to the CONVERSION of an investigator. When we have members with us, they bare testimony with such sincerity that the investigators cannot deny it. There is something different about the testimony of members. They have a special sparkle that they add to the lesson. The missionaries truly need the members!!

We may not all be full-time missionaries, but we are all full-time members. 

On another note, this week I have been working to develop the Christlike attribute of 'diligence'. Diligence, in Preach My Gospel, is defined as "steady, consistent, earnest, and energetic effort in doing the Lord's work". I only have so much time as a missionary and I don't' want to waste a single minute of it by not being diligent, and I won't. "A diligent missionary works effectively and efficiently"; she works "until [she] has done all that [she] can, even when [she] is tired". Trust me. This week I was tired. But I was tired because I worked. And at the end of the week, my companion and I reaped the rewards of working so hard. We had doubled our numbers from the previous week, found 10 new investigators, taught 30 lessons, and loved every minute of it. 

I have never been so happy in my whole life! 

Sending my love, 
Hermana Childs

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