Monday, March 24, 2014


"CAMBIO" = Change

Change is all around in NJ. The weather is changing, our companionship might be changing (we have transfers next week), and I have seen changes in our area. I have also seen changes in myself! 

This week we had "intercambios", or exchanges, with the Sister Training Leaders. Exchanges are when each companionship swaps one companion for 24 hours. One companion will stay in the same area and "lead", or direct the lessons, and the other will leave and trade places with a Sister Training leader.  

Thursday night our district leader called and told us that Sister Jordan would be leaving the area. Instant panic. I was going to be leading our area. Our Sister Training Leaders are called as English speaking missionaries and don't speak any Spanish. This also meant that I would have to translate. As unprepared as I felt, I knew the Lord wouldn't give me a trial that I couldn't overcome, so I began praying for help. 

Friday, the day of exchanges the Sister Training Leaders arrived at our apartment. I said goodbye to Sister Jordan for 24 hours, and Sister Varble and I went off to our first appointment. During the whole drive, I was praying that I would be able to understand each accent of Spanish that I encountered that day (we teach people from several different countries and the accent varies from country to country), that I would be able to teach clearly, and that I would be able to bring the Spirit into our lessons. 

Our first lesson was with a new investigator: Andres. He is 21 years old, from Costa Rica, and is living with a member family. We had encountered him once before and were able to talk to him for 15 minutes, but this was the first actual lesson. During the lesson we were teaching about the Restoration; we were teaching about prophets and dispensations and the Spirit was so strong. My Spanish seemed to come so easily; I didn't hesitate, the points of the lesson came to my memory, and I taught with conviction. It was amazing! I know Heavenly Father was helping me. There is no way that I could have done that by myself! At the peak of the lesson, we invited him to be baptized. He accepted! His baptism will be on April 27. 

All throughout our exchange I saw miracles! There was a CHANGE that happened that day. A change of companions, a change of Spirit in our area, and a change in me as I gave everything to my Heavenly Father and trusted Him with all my heart. 

Miracles happen when we trust the Lord. We need to not only trust Him, but FULLY trust Him. 

So, trust Him. Let the "cambio" take place. Miracles are awaiting. 

Hermana Childs

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