Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracles in New Jersey

My Trainer and companion Hermana Jordan from Bolivia
I love my mission. 

Miracles have happened in New Jersey. Miracles. 

Yesterday was Fast Sunday. I love Fast Sunday. Fasting brings miracles. After church ended, my companion and I returned to our apartment, broke our fast, and then headed off to our appointments.

Our first appointment was in a city called Trenton. Trenton is ranked 2nd or 3rd for the most dangerous cities in the United States. We pulled up to the investigators house, parked, said a prayer, and were getting out of the car when I stopped. Hermana Jordan looked at me and said, "Esta bien?" ("Are you alright")? I got back in the car and closed the door. I said, "I have this really anxious feeling. It feels like something isn't right". She had that same feeling. We sat in the car, locked our doors, and offered another prayer. Afterwards we parked our car in a different area and the feeling went away. We have no idea why we felt that way, but Heavenly Father was watching out for us. That is the first miracle. Second was during that same appointment. Hermana Jordan had told me that for the next week she was going to talk less and leave it up to me to lead the discussions. I was so nervous! There we were trying to teach a lesson on faith and it was my turn to lead. My Spanish wasn't perfect, but the Spirit was there. Heavenly Father helped me during that lesson. 

That same night we had an appointment with a family from the Dominican Republic, the Martinez family. The Martinez family has 3 daughters all older than 24 and then their mother. One of the daughters is a recent convert and has a testimony stronger than steel. She has a strong desire to have the rest of her family join the church. The other members of her family have been investigating the church for a month or so and are really skeptical about it. There is a lot of tension when, as a family, they talk about the church. Last night, before we drove over to our appointment with them, we called to confirm. One of the sisters texted us and told us that no one was home and that we'd have to reschedule. After we received her message, the other sister, who is a member, called us and told us that everyone was at home and for us still to come over. We drove over, went to the apartment complex door, rang for their apartment number, but one one answered. We called the sister who is a member and she said that her sisters and mother didn't want to receive us and listen to our message but that she was going to come and let us in anyways. Once we were let in, Hermana Martinez (the member) explained that one of her sisters was so set on not listening to our message that she locked herself in the bathroom and would not come out. We arrived at the door, greeted each of the remaining family members, and invited all to listen to the lesson that we had prepared. Only the mother and the husband of the member came to listen. One sister was still locked in the bathroom and the other stayed in the kitchen and stated that she couldn't come to listen because she was cooking and couldn't let the food burn. Their kids ran wild as we began the lesson and things weren't looking promising. I prayed for Heavenly Fathers help that this lesson would go well. If it didn't, things would have gone worse, and I don't think they would have anything to do with us. At that moment, our lesson plans changed. The Spirit entered the room, the noise of cooking in the kitchen stopped, all the children (except one) fell asleep, and we taught with such conviction that it startled even me. We had the full attention of everyone present. I don't think I have ever felt the Spirit so strong. It was amazing. We closed our lesson with a prayer and set up another appointment for the next week. Hermana Martinez, the member, walked us out to our car and pleaded with us to stay longer. She said, "I wish that you could be here forever. You have the Spirit with you, and they can't contend with you because you guys bring the Spirit so strong." We told her that we could teach her how to have the same power if she would like. She agreed and thanked us again. 

Miracles. Miracles happen. They happen when we are obedient. They happen when our will is in line with God's will. They happen because we have faith. I have faith in miracles. 

I have a testimony of this work and that God's hand is in it. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity to represent my Savior. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts. They help bring forth miracles like this. 

Sending much love, 
Hermana Childs 

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  1. Love reading your posts Cassandra. Thanks for taking the time to share with us all. What part of the Dominican Republic is that family from? Are they going back sometime soon. If they live in Santo Domingo I could get some of the members I know there to visit with them. Have they had you for dinner yet? I sure miss the fried platanos and rice and beans.
    Love ,
    Aunt Laura