Monday, March 10, 2014

So Much Faith

I love the people of New Jersey. Even with their aggressive driving I still love them. 

The people here have so much faith; and because of their faith, we have seen so many miracles. 

We have a recent convert in our branch who has a burning testimony of the church. He bikes 6 miles to church every Sunday...even when it's too cold for me to walk out to the car; or when the cold sinks through my coat, skirt, and leggings within a matter of minutes; or even through the rain. He is truly amazing. This week we were teaching him about family history work because our branch has a special temple trip next week. He is so excited to do the work for his family. He is not yet endowed, so he can only do baptisms, but he has already requested the full day off of work to travel to the temple (4 hours away), and spend his day off to learn how to do family history work with us. This week we met him at the Princeton Library for our appointment. We signed onto a computer and began helping him set up an account for As we were setting up his account, it requested his name, we wanted him to practice each step, so we asked him to fill in this information. He had only used a computer once or twice before, so it took him 3 minutes to fill in his first name because he was trying to find all of the letters on the keyboard. After his name was successfully entered in, he needed to click the mouse to go to the next step. We had to explain this too because he had no idea how to use a mouse. It was very difficult for him. It took us a full hour just to set up his account. I marveled as I watched him struggle just to move the mouse around and get it to land on the icon just right before he could click. Sometimes when he was about to click, his hand would accidentally bump the mouse again, and he'd have to try again. It was amazing. This work is so important to him that he is willing to struggle through HOURS of work trying to enter in the documentation for his family. I have never seen such faith in my whole life. It is amazing. 

Later on in the week a member wanted to take us out to lunch. We finished our food at the restaurant and were on our way out when we passed by the waitress. My companion and I handed her a pass-a-long card and explained who we were and a little bit about what we believe. To our surprise her response was, "This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Can I get the address for your church so that I can attend?" We gave it to her, met with her yesterday, and she is well on her way to being baptized. 

Also, our mission has a goal to contact 10 people everyday. This is a bit difficult for Hermana Jordan and I. Our area is very large and we do a lot of driving, so our numbers are usually around 7-8 contacts every day. One of the first days that this goal was given we were walking to one of our appointments and passed by a young man sitting next to the library. We walked by him because we were going to be late for our appointment, but a few steps after we had passed him, Hermana Jordan and I felt that we needed to go talk to him. We turned around, introduced ourselves, gave him a Book of Mormon, invited him to read the Introduction, and set up an appointment with him. We went to visit him a few days later and while we met with him, we followed up on his reading. Not only had he read the Introduction, but he was curious about his book and so he kept reading. He believes it to be true. He has been prepared. We plan extend a baptism invite at our appointment later tonight.

The area we are in has been prepared. The seeds have been planted long ago and now we are harvesting these children into God's Kingdom. I am so thrilled for this goal of contacting 10 people every day. Being a missionary is such a blessing. It's a joy. 

I love my mission, my companion, these people, all of it. 

Sending my love back to Utah,

Hermana Childs 

This is me trying my first platano :)

Volunteering at the Food Pantry

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