Monday, June 30, 2014

Hit the Ground Running in Jersey City

Transfers seem to be coming and going, but this last one was different: I left my first area, our mission president went home, and the new area that I'm in is completely different.

Driving up to transfer conference was really hard. I was heart broken when we left our house. I really felt like I was leaving my heart back in Princeton. 

I struggled to look forward with excitement to my new area, but I put my full trust in Heavenly Father that my new area would be just as good as the one I was leaving. 

Transfer conference seemed like a blur. Before I knew it, I was standing up in the congregation of missionaries as my name was called and the next thing I heard was "Sister Childs will be serving in JERSEY CITY walking area DOUBLED IN with Sister Jane". 
My New Companion Herman Jane  (Pronounce John) from Mexico

My first thought was, "Wait, I'm getting doubled in???" and next was "Where's that?" Even though I had no idea where it was, I instantly felt like I was supposed to be there, and I was so excited. I sat down and asked Hermana Weinstock where that was, we heard her name "Sister Weinstock will be serving in BAYONNE walking area with Sister Jordan". As soon as we heard that we were both so excited! Both of my old companions, Hermana Weinstock and Hermana Jordan, will be companions! AND they are both in my zone (our areas are right next to each other) called to be the Sister Training Leaders over all of the sisters in our area! I could not believe it. Heavenly Father had answered my prayers.

I had grown to love Princeton and my companion more than I could have thought, but Heavenly Father blessed me with exactly what I needed; a sudden love for my new area and the opportunity to still see Hermana Weinstock & Jordan in exchanges. This experience built my testimony that right now we can't see the big picture, but when we pray and put our trust in Heavenly Father, we'll come to see His grand design. He has His hand in every moment of our lives. Of that I can testify. 

I can honestly say that I love Jersey City as much as I loved Princeton, and I may come to love it even more. We have hit the ground running here in Jersey City and we don't intend to slow down. 

I currently live in a city where everyone smokes, garbage all over the roads, everyone is Hispanic, and no one responds when you say hello as you pass them on the street....and I love it. We are in a walking area, apparently our apartment has mice. We don't have air conditioning so with the combination of sweat and humidity we are always wet, and my hair is a poof ball, but I would not trade this for anything. Not even to go back to Princeton. This is my home. My heart is here now. I could not be more grateful that Heavenly Father put me here. 

Chao Chao
Hermana Childs
New York Liberty Tower across the River from where I live
Morning run

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