Monday, July 28, 2014

It's just not work

These past 2 weeks have been, Go! Go! Go!
From exchanges, to splits, to another exchange, farewell trips for my companion, and serving at Liberty Island, the work never stops. And so it is as servants of the Lord. 

But there is joy in the work, and MUCH of it. Amongst the hustle and bustle of preparing my companion to go home, each moment has been accompanied by much laughter. 

Last Monday I thought I'd take advantage of Hermana Jane's Hispanic background and learn how to make real Hispanic salsa.
Making Salsa

Tuesday I was blessed to go on an exchange with one of the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Jordan! She was my first companion in N.J.  I missed her so much! We spent the whole time catching up and having so much fun as we spread the gospel.

On our exchange it POURED rain. I didn't come prepared with my rain jacket or umbrella and she didn't have one either, so by the end of the day, we were SOAKED.
Once back in the house for the night we couldn't stop laughing. There aren't words for how much I love her. She is one of my very best friends. Even today she is a blessing in my life. Although we aren't companions, I continue to learn from her stalwart example of dedicated missionary service. 
Hermana Jordan and I
The same week I was on another exchange with the Spanish Sisters in Union City. Hermana Jane was at the temple with all of the other departing missionaries. There in Union City I was in a trio with Hermana Galvan and Sister Dorrough (all three of our companions will be leaving). We hadn't been having any success. We had been walking for 5 hours, trying to contact some of the potential investigators, contacting formers, and updating the records, but no one would let us in. It was really hot, and we were all really tired and having a hard time staying motivated. At that time, we just happened to be walking by "Noches de Columbia", a famous Columbian Restaurant. We all agreed that we needed a break and I treated the sisters to a pandebono. Mmmmhmmm. 
Eating Pandebono at Noches do Columbia
Together we laughed off all of the discouragement. 

Last Saturday Hermana Jane and I volunteered our time to serve at Liberty Island. We were asked to work in the "Family Historical" Section of the Museum. There we helped people from every country find their family who had emigrated to America. We weren't allowed to proselyte while working there, but the work we were doing was family history work. We saw miracles with people who had been looking for their great-great-great relative for 3 years, but hadn't found anything. Through going there, and digging through the files, we found all of their information! It was such an amazing feeling to help them find their family!

-Side note- Ellis Island got the majority of their information from
Serving at Ellis Island
This week, we were both back in our area working harder than we ever have. We have walked, and talked, and taught, and in the middle of it all, there has been joy. 

I have had some of the greatest/funniest contacts in my whole mission. For example: We contacted a guy who was sitting on the sidewalk and had a rat on his shoulder. He made me pet it. haha

We always pass by a bunch of kids who play badminton on the sidewalk outside, so we took a few minutes to play with them. 

We played Dominos with a group of ladies on the sidewalk, and got stuck in the rain. 
Hermana Jane and I soaked after a rainstorm

We found a door that had a "Nephite" on it. We contacted him for that reason! :)
Ready for the Nephite

We have had tender experiences with the elderly in our area as we brought the spirit to them through music. 

This work, isn't just work. There is joy that can be found. I know it because I have experienced it. I am happy. Truly happy. And it's because I know this gospel is true. 

Hermana Childs

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