Tuesday, December 30, 2014



CHRIST, the head of our church, the center of our religion, and the reason for the season
Mas, meaning "more" in Spanish

Christmas: more Christ

Merry Christmas, everyone. And what a merry Christmas it was. I had the privilege to spend my day centered on Christ and family. Two of the greatest gifts in my life. I couldn't have been merrier.

Christmas started out like any other day, except with a little less motivation to exercise because our gifts from our parents were waiting for us in our living room. We thought we could get away with bench pressing our gifts as exercise, but decided that would be too much temptation.

After waiting, the gift unwrapping began. Wrapping paper was flying. We were pretty much buried in it. -You can imagine with 4 sisters' gifts in a small apartment-. Just like Christmas at home, we tried to take turns opening gifts, but that idea quickly dissolved into a gift opening hay-day. It was hilariously wonderful.

Showers were quick.

By 8am we were out the door, back in our PJ's, to celebrate Christmas with the zone.
Our zone leaders had planned a Christmas breakfast cooked by the senior missionaries. It was so awesome. They even remembered that I was gluten free and made gluten free crepes. We stuffed ourselves silly with bacon, crepes, eggnog, and sausage before revealing our "secret santa" gifts.

My secret santa played on my nickname from the ward and got me a Barbie doll.

Afterwards, things got competitive with a gingerbread house making contest. Naturally, being missionaries, things took a spiritual twist. We cut out pictures of the Apostles and put them in our windows and decorated the house as the temple. haha.

The morning activity came to a close and we got back to work. Our day was filled. Our first, second, third and fourth appointments were filled with food. More food than Thanksgiving. Even my stretchy skirts got tight ;) haha But amidst it all, the spirit was felt, laughs were shared, and memories we made.

Christmas on the mission is the best. I've never felt the spirit stronger or had Christ so centered in my life. It's the best way to start a new year. Thanksgiving makes us grateful. It prepares us to be grateful for the most important gift that has been given to us. It softens our hearts so that we can receive Him. Then, during Christmas, we can enjoy of the gift of the Savior, feel the Spirit, and prepare ourselves to make him part of our new year.

What a privilege it is to be His representative. To have him written on my heart and my chest, and to know that I am written on the palms of His hands.

I love my Savior and I love being His missionary.

Hermana Childs 

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