Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tis the Season

Tis the Season”

-For the Flu
-Kids in Bed
-Shoveling Snow
-Hot Chocolate
-Building Snowmen
-Christmas Lights
-Reenacting the Nativity
-Spreading the GOSPEL!

And just like the flu, the gospel here in New Jersey is being spread like a wild fire.
As the missionaries of the New Jersey Morristown Mission have felt the redeeming love of our Savior Jesus Christ through the remembrance of His birth, we have proclaimed his birth and life to all that we can find.

The heart of Elizabeth, New Jersey has grown twice in size through our hours of caroling and teaching lessons with the members in our ward. Elizabeth has a "baptize me!" feel to it and almost all of our investigators right now have a baptismal date.

Miguel: A young Mexican father of 7, was found as his daughters were being taught. His recently married wife was a less active and was referred to the missionaries by their member friends. Miguel, listening to the lessons that the missionaries were teaching his daughters developed the desire in himself to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. He wanted to marry his girlfriend, but wanted her to have a husband that was a member of the church, so he asked the bishop how. The bishop sincerely told him that he would need to talk to the missionaries. As of Friday, Miguel was married to his wife, Bernadina  by our bishop, Bishop Guzman. And as of yesterday, became a part of our Heavenly Father's kingdom.

The party on Friday was incredibly fun. We definitely partied the best way possible, Mexican style. So much incredible food, music, dancing, and joy. This was the first step to the next first step, baptism.

Carlos: another investigator of ours, is incredible. He is from Peru, has lost his whole family, lives by himself, and loves, I mean LOVES to learn about the gospel. He is always so excited to see us when we see him and is willing to do anything for the church. He is about 45-50 years old, works at an airport and is one of the most humble and happy men that I have ever met. He has a baptismal date for January 25.

Danny: An author and a dad of 2 is incredibly smart and sometimes likes to use fancy Spanish that the missionaries don't know is an avid learner. Before being taught the Word of Wisdom, he googled it himself and pretty much taught us the Word of Wisdom. He has already read the whole Book of Mormon and is now researching all of the General Conference talks.

Ricardo: A recovering alcoholic. So sincere. So humble. Came up to the missionaries asking for help because he knows of our church and beliefs. Father was LDS. I don't know much about him because I've only met him once since being here, but he is incredible and I love him already.

There are many more but I'll save them for Skype ;)

We also had all mission conference this week. The whole mission got together for a spiritual time to celebrate the birth of Christ, but also to do what we missionaries do best when we aren't working hard....party :)

I love you all so much!
Merry Christmas!

Talk to you soon!

Hermana Childs

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