Monday, December 8, 2014

Sister Training Leader

Well....I got "the other call" from President this week. The Lord has asked me to be a Sister Training Leader for the sister missionaries here in Jersey. I will be leaving my beloved Jersey City. I'm really sad about that. I have grown to love this area so much. 

When I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting, I told the congregation that it would be my last Sunday with them. I wasn't expecting any reaction, but a few of them sighed in disappointment, a few others gasped in surprise, and a few even quietly said, "noo!". All of which made me feel sad, but at the same time helped me to realize how many people I have been able to help and touch while being here. A few days before that, I had been feeling that all of the work I had put into this area had been wasted, but through small and simple ways yesterday Heavenly Father has shown me that I did well. 

I feel good about it. 

This week has been Go, Go, Go. First, I was called to be a Sister Training Leader which meant that I needed to go to the Mission Leader Council the following day. I didn't think it was possible to be more busy than I already was, but I was wrong. haha.  That day was crazy, but SO fun. We had Elder Ketcher from the 70 come talk to us about helping our mission; how we as leaders can improve the mentality of the mission. I really enjoyed it. 

That same day, Sister Carter recieved a call from President asking her to follow up train Hermana Vernon. Wow. You can only imagine the excitement in our little home that day. haha. It was the best :) 

I don't have very much time, I promise I'll write a better letter next week. I'm trying to do some preparation for my new area right now and don't have much time left, but I love you all! 

Sending my love, 

Hermana Childs

Traditions with the Taggarts at the Mission Home

We had a party at Pres. Taggarts home this week to celebrate Christmas

My darling "hijas." I love them so much!

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